产品型号: ACG0645CH


The ACG0645CH is a new generation isolated AC-DC converter that uses an industry brick structure, featuring high efficiency and power density with low output ripple and noise. It operates over an input voltage range of 90–290 V AC or 190–400 V DC, and provides the rated output voltage of 45 V DC as well as the maximum output current of 5.6 A.

ACG0645CH 是采用工业非标准半砖结构,具有高功率密度的新一代隔离AC-DC 模块。ACG0645CH 工作在输入电压范围为90 – 290V AC 或190 –400V DC,并提供额定输出电压为45V DC,以及最大输出电流为5.6 A。



ACG0645CH isolated AC-DC converter