Glory, never stop taking stock of Huawei Network Energy's recent award

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With the demand of massive new sites brought by LTE construction, there are many difficulties in front of operators, which need to be solved urgently: station energy is difficult to obtain, construction and delivery speed is slow; diversified energy input and output is difficult to coordinate control, multi-standard load demand. 

The power supply system is complicated; the energy equipment efficiency is low, the energy consumption is serious; the power supply system is difficult to expand and evolve and so on. 

To solve this problem, Huawei recently released a new generation of intelligent communications energy solution MTS, which "MIMO" (multi-energy input, multi-standard output) technology, to solve these problems easily. 

The main features of MIMO include: 

With the desire of the scene, energy acquisition more diverse MIMO function can not only realize the traditional power source to the city electricity and oil energy efficient access, and add solar energy, high voltage DC (HVDC) and other energy acquisition and conversion functions. 

Reduce the dependence on electricity or single energy of the oil machine. 

The utility model can be flexibly adapted according to the different energy supply conditions of different regions. 

Integrated monitoring, energy schedulable, according to priority MIMO function through the integrated monitoring module to achieve the dispatch and management of each electronic control module. 

According to the different energy costs of priority selection and scheduling management, maximize the use of clean energy, build green and efficient site. 

In areas without electricity supply, priority is given to solar, battery, and oil supply sequence; in areas with electricity supply or electricity instability, priority is given to power supply with electricity, battery, or oil machine. 

Platform design, smooth expansion and program evolution to achieve simple and rapid deployment of the site, reduce the site environment and power grid type of dependence, Huawei MIMO platform design, electronic control module can achieve the function of common slot, the efficiency of mixing and plugging. 

Super-efficient system module, energy saving is more significant. 

Huawei's 98% ultra-efficient rectifier module (PSU) integrates a number of patented technologies including MPII efficient topology, MEPK intelligent algorithm, and MSHT new heat dissipation technology, leading the industry by more than half a year; 

Compared with 85% old power supply, 92% general effect power supply and 96% high efficiency power supply, the losses are reduced by 87.7%, 75% and 50% respectively. 

Ultra-efficient solar module (SSU), based on SolarMax technology (99.8% high-precision MPPT, high photosensitive sensitivity), efficiency up to 98.5%; ultra-efficient HVDC module (HVDU), based on Huawei LLC multi-core design, efficiency up to 97%. 

Various loads online, the system is more simple and reliable. 

Huawei's MIMO integrates multi-output system, which can continuously output DC -48 / -60V, AC 220V, HVDC 240336V and other voltage systems, and through Huawei monitoring module, real-time monitoring load power consumption; 

To meet the BTS, server, AC / DC RRU and other loads at the same time online power demand. 

MIMO patent technology to us a full interpretation of the Huawei Communications Energy has always been the concept: to make the energy network more simple! 

Make the information pipeline more efficient!